Our Mission

Teacher Education at Rice University seeks to engage, prepare and support teacher leaders for student-centered classrooms in a diverse society.

Program Goals/Action Statements

1. We engage our students in meaningful dialogue about global and societal issues in education while fostering civility and respect.

Teacher Education produces teachers who:

  • Understand the value of equity in education and the political and educational policies that should undergird that equity
  • Demonstrate reflective collaboration with civility and respect
    • Adhere to the legal and ethical requirements of the profession

2. Our students acquire a strong foundation in educational history, philosophy, learning theories and human developmental processes in order to facilitate the development of a student-centered learning environment. Our teachers:

  • Understand the role of learning theory and the instructional processes in the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of students
  • Use knowledge of educational theory and valid research to support processes that impact students’ learning and the learning environment
  • Create environments where students discover and construct meaning from information through their unique perceptions, thoughts and feelings
  • Promote lifelong learning, self-discipline and intellectual curiosity
  • Plan, organize, deliver and evaluate instruction that incorporates the effective use of current technologies and digital learning

3. We acknowledge the changing face of the Houston area and the need for all teachers to use culturally relevant content and pedagogy in working with English language and diverse learners. Our teachers:

  • Use differentiated teaching and learning strategies for diverse and special populations from varied socio-economic backgrounds
  • Use culturally relevant curriculum materials that foster equity and social justice
  • Plan and implement differentiated instructional strategies for diverse learners (including, but not limited to, English language learners, learners who are living in poverty, learners with disabilities, gifted and talented learners, and other special needs in general education settings)

4. We support our students as they develop student-centered pedagogy to address state standards and testing. Our teachers:

  • Learn creative ways to include state standards in conceptual units of instruction
  • Construct lessons using inquiry that encourages the synthesis of knowledge from multiple perspectives
  • Develop, practice and evaluate authentic, student-centered learning experiences and assessments
  • Disaggregate and analyze data in order to make instructional decisions that support, monitor and promote learning
  • Use current technologies to increase the access of digital materials that validate critical analysis

5. We provide our students with field-based experiences for a better understanding of the transition from curriculum development to classroom execution. Our teachers:

  • Reflect and evaluate field experiences that are aligned with coursework
  • Observe and analyze the development of K-12 students and curriculum from elementary to high school
  • Observe and analyze instructional accommodations and modifications for diverse learners and the support structures in place for them in schools
  • Construct an e-portfolio that documents learning experiences, both academic and field-based
  • Create formative and summative assessments that correlate with learning objectives

6. We facilitate a network of support for our students and alumni to ensure our teacher leaders continue to grow and evolve as professionals. Teacher Education:

  • Supports a capstone experience that hones the mastery of their craft
  • Provides an online alumni network for collaboration and support
  • Provides assistance in job placement
  • Provides access to high-quality professional development trainings offered at Rice University for pre- and in-service teachers
  • Nurtures pre- and in-service teachers in the development of their instructional leadership skills